Audio Editing

Showing Waveforms

By default waveforms are not shown. The image below shows how to turn them on:

1) Click on the Cog icon to show Stripview Properties
2) Click on the Dropdown right of 'Show Audio Waveforms'. If you select 'Pre Levels' that shows the waveform before effects are applied. If you select 'Post Levels' this shows them afterwards.


Adding Nodes to allow audio to be changed during event

Right clicking on the audio level line and moving the mouse adds nodes and changes levels. In the example the tracks have been grouped as a stereo pair so nodes are automatically added to both tracks.


Creating Audio Groups (i.e. Stereo Pair)

You can group two tracks together in Stripview by

1) Select options/Cogs Icon top/right of Stripview.
2) From 'Edit Commands' list select 'Group tracks'.


3) Hold down Ctl and click on the tracks you want to group with the mouse to select them.
4) Click on the Ok button.


Your Tracks are now Grouped. This simply groups them in the current Stripview.

Ungrouping Audio Tracks

1) Select options/Coss Icon top/right of Stripview.
2) From 'Edit Commands' list select 'Ungroup tracks' (below 'Group Tracks').


3) Ctrl + mouse click on the Tracks you want to ungroup and click OK.


Fading in/Out at beginning/end of event

At the beginning and end of the event there is a small grey triangle. Right Click while over these and move the mouse to create a fade. The triangle is very small. In the example below the end of the track has been right clicked and held down and the mouse moved left to create fade. Please note this does not work for stereo pairs. Nodes must be added in this case as described above.