Tips/tricks and documentation for Lightworks NLE

This is an Unofficial Site to help the Lightworks community share tips/tricks and documentation.

Lightworks Version 11 for Windows was released in May 2012. This Wiki was set up during the previous Lightworks beta version and has not been updated much since. Feel free to update it to reflect the current version but bear in mind currently it is not up to date.

The official Lightworks documentation is available on the Lightworks Download Page. Please go through the Lightworks Quick Start Guide before using this Wiki - otherwise much here will not make sense! Also on the download page is the longer Lightworks User Guide and the Installation & Activation Guide which you should download for reference. There is also a Hints and Tips Guide which is a compilation of useful information from users.

Anyone can and is encouraged to help write the wiki. Please discuss any major changes here.

Table of Contents

  1. Codec installation - for QuickTime.
  2. Keyboard Shortcuts - This is the first place to look to see how to do something
  3. Customising Keyboard To access some of the Lightworks functionality you must first map a key to that functionality.
  4. Formats & Codecs - This section will list which formats are supported natively and workflows from those that are not (including eventually where codecs can be purchased)
    1. AVCHD Workflow
    2. HDV Workflow
  5. Video Editing
  6. Audio Editing
  7. Grouping and Syncing (no content yet)
  8. Titling
  9. Zooming/ Panning and Ken Burns Effect
  10. 3rd Party Plugins


  1. Lightworks Glossary
  2. Film and Broadcast Video Standards