Titling is not yet supported in the beta version of Lightworks although it will be included in a future release. The reason for this is because previously users of the paid for version of Lightworks used expensive professional titling plugins. In the meantime, people using the free version of Lightworks are using the excellent and free compositor Debugmode Wax which can be used as a Lightworks plugin. There is a Wax howto created by Greg_E here.

While you are at the Debugmode site, you might also like to download WinMorph—-another of their excellent free programmes that can also be used as a Lightworks plugin.

See also this forum thread for other info and discussion about installing and configuring Debugmode Wax as a Lightworks plugin. There is also this video tutorial about using it to do titles including 3D titles.

And here is an example of 3D titling done by Greg_E using Wax.